C2D's Best Trick Sticker Contest!

Well, lookee here: C2D's booze-stinkin' postal carrier just dropped off (along with a load of vomit outside in the hallway) a whole mess of the first run of C2D stickers, featuring our soon-to-be-changed logo. Rather than plaster them all over the walls of some grungy dive bar with an overflowing toilet and lighter graffiti on the ceiling, we decided to throw a contest, for you!

The rules are simple: Show us your best trick. Send us a quick-and-dirty vid of whatever you got: on a bike, a skateboard -- hell, two skateboards, that backflip-off-a-wall parkour running thing, 360 a dead rat on a finger bike, bunnyhop a pile of TPS Reports with an office chair, skid your name in perfect cursive on a fixie, belch a few verses of Tennyson -- basically anything you think fits the Create2Destroy lifestyleway -- and we'll send you a sticker (if your video is totally awesome). You can email us a vid directly at createtodestroy@gmail.com, or a link to your video host of choice.

Keep in mind we don't care if you can out-goatse goatse, or can down a mug of warm, freshly hurled 4loko your friend just yaked up. Nothing gross, or all you'll get in return is a picture of our postman's vomit with an intern's ballsack dangling above it.

Contest ends on January 31st, and we'll post all our favorites. Our top pick will receive a handsome C2D prize pack in addition to a sticker. You can enter as many vids as you like.


charlie tuuna said...

herrs my trick


now i want my stickers

Curtis Chorizali said...

hmm, i think you might actually owe us a sticker for that one...