2011 Annual C2D Board Meeting Roundup

2011 Annual C2D Board Meeting Roundup has come and gone.

Donde Estero, Accatone Becchino and myself, Sir Curtis Chorizali had much to discuss as we met around and about Brooklyn and Manhattan, drankin massive amounts of pints all over the damn place, over a few blazing summer days. Gatito Terristo, our infamous intern, was following us around with 80 pounds of photo/video equipment as he was being punished for leaving the AC on at the office overnight for the second day in the row.

How are we doing? Where are we going? When are we going to find time to count all this money coming in from all them cozie and sticker sales? How many more bikes can Curtis buy before the stiffs notice the petty cash being short? How many interns does Donde have to abuse before one of them snaps and sets the office on fire? Why did Accatone bring along with him a wimpy SCAR16s with them tiny noodle rounds instead of the meaty SCAR17S? Doesn't he know that Brooklyn is not like Arizona and you need to pack real heat and not that Toys R Us shit? Everyone felt entitled to voice their dissapointment at me blowing over half the weekly C2D budget on my European excursion. T-shirt designs were talked about. Events discussed. Collaborations tossed about. As we were making it rain and hail at Pumps everyone agreed that we are making it happen and 2011 will be the best year yet. So sincere.

Basically, serious business all around. This year we plan on bringing more original content then ever as well as a few new items to our online store. With a oodles of new series about to kick off and a bunch of sweet interviews lined up, we are thrilled that so many of you keep comming back for more on the daily. Thank you!

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Accatone Becchino said...

glad you got that pic of me on the phone with "Shakira"....

and that pic of me later texting to people that i had a date with "Shakira"....