Spinclacity 6.6.11

Going along with the theme from the previous post, this edition of Spinclacity is focused on the wonder that is the bike lane. All of this action is from just one day. Granted there is some swerving bicycle traffic - wobbly amateurs learning the magic of balance is fine by us. But between parked and passing cars, buses, joggers, walkers and motorized scooter things at times bike lanes are not the prime place for actually cycling. I mean, jogging in the bike lane? Really? A bit weird.

PS - you should always stop for red/stop signs and obey all the traffic laws, but if you see po-po, don't be stupid and make sure to stop. Wasting 15 minutes on standing by a Police cruiser as they fondle your license, making it all sticky from sugar frosting covered fingers is not fun. Even less fun is going to court for riding against traffic or some other silly shit and dropping off some beans.

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