NS Capital - Updated

Decided to snap a few shots of the Cap before I put the 2" Yowelli Tittie Bars on. Also, finally got around to building up a new back wheel with a nice old school Odyssey Hazard hub with 12T and put a 29T Tree Lite splined sprocket upfront. I must say I'm enjoying this weird ratio. Need to put a new chain on, as this current one has seen better days. The 2" Yowellis are on now, but they need to be chopped down from 30+" to about 28" - but I must say they feel good. Added a Knog flashy light on there too. Note the duct tape cable holder jobby and half removed underpaint decals. Damn bike is lookin raggedy as hell - a rat rod if I must so say. I gotta put some time into this puppy and get it looking sharp.

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