The Food Life V44 - Skirt Steak

For the second time ever in Food Life series I am forced to steal content from another blog. I can't help myself. These photos are dumb. I just had breakfast, I'm full, yet seeing these made me feel like I'm starving. You know, life is good, there is not much that I dream about. Sure, it would be nice to have a G500 Benz, flat black on black parked next to a teal M3. Next to a humble 4 bedroom palace with the front yard packed with a sea of ramps and dirt jumps. And a pool. While the wife and kids are washing dishes inside. That would be nice. But while that dream will take a few weeks to achieve, my simple dreams are more or less instant gratifications. Shit, look at the pictures below and mark my words. I'm making this happen in the next 3 days. Dream come true. Serious Eats, thank you for the inspiration.

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