Tioga Power Blocks - Lighter then FS100?

My boy Tim brought these tires to my attention - pattern looks good when compared to the similar FS100s. FS's proved to be mighty street tires, since they roll super smooth, felt pretty light for a non folding rubber, yet are sturdy enough for NYC street glass warfare. Seems like the addition of mini knobbies on the sides will sharpen up handling when the leaning gets mean, while the bigger wider smooth knobs down the middle will ensure straight line speed. Obviously comes in 24", or it wouldn't be C2D material.

I will deffinately get my hands on a set and see whats what, since my ultra sexy Schwalbe Tabletop front tore a sidewall and exploded in the midle of the night. This is a bit of a side story, but let me tell you, when you have close to 70psi in a mounted tire, and it explodes - it littearaly sounds louder then a gunshot - and I know, being a russian youth you were more or less required to spit off a handfull of live AK47 rounds in preparation for the imminent threat of the capatalist and bourgeoisie pig. It was comming around to be 9pm, nice quite evening, a little bit of Air mixing its melody with candles and a bing bing. A floor session.... then BOOM!!! It was such a shock, my hands were litteraly shacking for 5 minutes - and the thought of permanent damage crossed my mind. Brutal.


ë said...

I'm looking into picking up some of these. Got any shots of them with the full bike pictured?


Curtis Chorizali said...

yep, sure do. will post some up shortly!