Action Bronson - Pats himself on the back

To the back with the hat, lean back in the 'lac..
This is Bronson - representing Flushing, Queens on the map

So, I went to a Action Bronson show last night - which turned out to be the most fun I've EVER had at a hiphop show. Ever. Many pics and vids to come soon, but right now I'm a bit busy roasting a lamb over an open fire, so I leave you with this vid below.

One thing to note though... I dont burn anymore, but sweet jesus. Besides stepping out with 2 fatties rolled up and one blazing, Action came on to stage with a few zips worth of twenties and started tossing them into the crowd. Needless to say folks went NUTTY. First time I've EVER seen that at a show. I think weed might be going out of style. Foolery!

BRONSON! Dude is a wizzard, I support him 100%.

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