Action Bronson & Static Selektah - Well Done

We here at C2D really been diggin Action Bronson. As we call it around here, he got that Jesus Churned Butter Sauce (JCBS). The man is a wordsmith, a humorist and a foodie - 3 qualities that makes one more then likely a fun type of person to chill with. Cracking a joke while pan searing a duck breast with a side of balsamic onion marmalade, and then busting a few crafty bars right after is a valuable characteristic. While we may frown upon, not condone and judge him harshly on all the abusive soft narcotic usage we still believe that baby Jesus will accept him when it's go time.

Anyway, luckily for us, and you, he just dropped a new album, aided by swift beat making experience of Static Selektah. There are quite a few choice gems on this selection of tracks, one of which, Not Enough Words, is presented below in its video form. You may download this album over here. Make sure you do, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy.

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