Fun'n'Games V27

2 games I'm looking forward to. The Last of Us just got announced - and it looks like it will be a zombie game. Looks great. And since Naughty Dog is behind this you know its going to be amazing. If its 1/4 as good as the Uncharted series then it will be a game to get. Dirt Showdown, that's an easy one. Dirt 1,2 and 3 are classics. Dirt Showdown is not a whole new game but more of a arcade add on to Dirt 3, but there hasn't been a good demolition derby game in many many years - and you know for a fact with Codemasters damage model this one will be a beauty. Just wish I had more time to play games. Gotta make time. Here is one more trailer for The Last of Us - this one came out first.

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