Danny Brown @ Fools Gold Holiday Party

Yep. No surprise - Fool's Gold Holiday party was buttery smooth. Like 8 million people showed up and it got wild. Amazing tunes, good people and vibes and free beer always helps. Sweet dancing with sexy people adds to the excitement.

Danny Brown dropped 3 tracks and predictably the crowd went wild. Below find some pics and vids. Lots of people were in the building. Qtip got on stage and so did ASAP Rocky. Action Bronson was cruising through the crowd. A-trak was there, bouncin. Many more hiphoppidy artists as well, who I can't think of right now. A quick lil moshpit broke out and I almost got my dome taken off by Mr. Browns swingin arms, so him and I are close now.

Only in NYC can one see two of his favorite MC's perform AND shake both their hands and tell them how good of a job they are doing all in one swoop. Well, make it 3, Mr. Muthafukin Exquire next week!

Anyway - enjoy the pics and vids. The video is so damn close and in your face, I bet you'll feel like you're there. The moshpit vid is a bit worthless and is presented to just show how much fun the party was and to try to convey the atmosphere, which was FRESH. 2 more vids are coming soon, after the Youtubes decide to load them up.

YEP - thats no other then Action Bronson. As he passed I respectfully shook his hand and told him he got that amazing rap singer business happening. Can't wait to see him next week.

ASAP Rocky on the mikey.

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