Can Someone Explain What This NY Post Cartoon Is Trying To Tell Me?

Cuz I know what it looks like, and it seems more like some Klan shit, not NY Post....

It was in today's NY Post. Seems pretty fucked up tho. So who are they comparing to the dead chimp? Obama, congress, those darn bill writers??? C'mon dude, are you just trying to be "edgy" and "controversial" along with "vague" and "confusing?" I mean, cmon, this is the Post. I would expect a New Yorker cartoon to go over my head but since the post is geared towards the idiot masses shouldn't this be a bit more straight forward? Comparing Obama to a rampaging chimp that gets shot seems like something some nazi skinheads would come up with to piss off their high school principal. Anysight on this? Is there something that I'm totally missing?


Curtis Chorizali said...

yes, you missed a piece of news my friend


Donde Estero said...

No fuckin shit, I can't escape this damn chimp story. I dont give a fuck about it, and it relates IN WHAT WAY to this stimulus cartoon???

chris swizzert said...


Here is the list of contacts at the post.



Anonymous said...

That's kinda fucked.

Anonymous said...

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