Snowscrappers NYC Event - Feb 5th

Snowscrappers Redbull event was pretty damn fun. It was mighty freezing - sneakers was probably a WRONG footwear for this one. Lots of talent bustin tricks. Lots of spins and grabs. It was awesome. Almost as awesome as catching some pints of Brooklyn right after - courtesy of Odyssey Compact Sprocket and Andrew from the late but great Domino fame - Thanks Brother. However, the highlight of the night was the Create2Destroy afterparty which took place at a hidden location. 10 lucky C2D readers/callers who left messages were invited to join the madness. Only took one shot of the party, but I think its a good one. We had some stripper/gogo dancers shake it up snowboarding style. Hope you like. Hope you're lucky enough to come to the next one. C2D team is serious like a bacon egg and cheese on a croissant, toasted with butter.

The day before the event
C2D afterparty


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sprocket. Unemployed bum's recession special bike check coming exclusively to c2d soon.

PS that stripper smelled like ass.

Donde Estero said...

PS, that ass smelled like stripper