Intraweb Hot Spots: BrooklynBikeRiders.com


BrooklynBikeRiders is a NYC bike site/forum that was started by Iggy, who's birthday is today, coincidentally. Happy birthday brother!

This place was the genesis of New York City big bike riding for me. Prior to this site, it was just me, my GT Backwoods and curbs/stairs all over this town - I didn't have anyone to ride with. I cant recall now how I met Iggy, but I remember him mentioning that he wanted to start a forum, BrooklynBikeRiders.

At the time he was riding a Clifcat Tankass with a Junior T upfront, which was more or less the coolest bike I've ever seen. Couple months later the forum started up and I was one of the original members. As years passed, more and more people joined in and it became a lil big bike family.

We would have weekly street rides, where a group of about 20 fellas would get together to terrorize the streets late into the night. Fun. If it wasn't for BBR, I wouldn't have met half the people I know now.

BrooklynBikeRiders is one of the best spots on the intrawebs, especially if you're a bicycling NYC local - thats why it does the honors of starting off a new series here on C2D - the Intraweb Hot Spots. We'll regularly bring up places in the matrix that we love and frequent.

Keep up the good work Iggy, and happy Bday once again.

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