Create2Destroy x RockShox Prototype

Create2Destroy x RockShox Prototype Urban Jib Fork. What more can be said? We do alot of "firsts" here at C2D - thats what we do. Phsheeeet. Its ALL we do around here. Boom.
When RS approached us about doing a collabo with them on a Jib fork, we just blew it off - we're busy over here. But after second and third request we decided to look in to it. Turns out this urban bike freestyle activity is the eels elbows with the city kids. So we jumped on board. The fork features a custom C2D inspired paint/sticker job. Stanctions hoods made out italian leather. 9mm precision laser cut dropouts for new patented El Rapido Reliso wheel release system. 65mm of smooth as fuck travel. Basicaly the works. You got some Marz or Fox fork on your sled - cute, toss that shit. Cop one of these. Available soon for a measely price of a few hundred Starbucks lattes - $999, tax free.

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Anonymous said...

fat arch for footjams. stanchion booties for big city grime.