The New Duffs - Brooklyn

For a while Duffs bar in Williamsburg on N3rd was the after ride fill up station. They have an outdoor patio, $1 PBRs, Caddy hearse and a huge Slayer posters front and center - pretty much everything you could want/need after jibbin the streets for hours and craving a refreshing beverage. I guess the place could have used a few strippers from Atlanta and free piff, but since they serve drinks and we're in NY full nudity wouldn't be allowed anyway so there is really no point to that. Forget that I mentioned anything about strippers from Atlanta. Aaaaanywho, the place is no more. It moved right next to the Macry Ave J train stop. Now it has no patio, but bikes are still allowed in, which is a bonus. Still cheap PBRs, but the decor definitely changed up a bit. It remains a choice spot, and it will definitely be frequented this spring and summer as we hit the streets in search of fresh new stunt locations. Enjoy the photo captures - it took our resident C2D photographer 3 or 4 cans of brew to get the lightning and composition just right. Perfect.

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