Superbowl Sunday Brooklyn Street Ride

the first official group ride of 2009. big turnout. 3 fallguys present, how about that - that never happens. arcade bmx was present with all of it pretty steep/short geo as well as 2 other 20's. a 26 rigid mob and a bottlerocket. we even had some fixed gear fellas ride with us for a bit - one of them runs a pretty neat fixed freestyle blog prollyisnotprobably.
it was a great time and we snapped a handful of shots. check em out.



Anonymous said...

good times!
thanks for posting the pics.


Anonymous said...

if that ain't some sweet street akshun, then i don't know what is....

Stoked said...

good times!

Prolly said...

Nice hanging with all you guys for that short while. I posted the pics of your bikes here

Ride safe!