How Do You Get To Work?

Its with great excitement that we report to you that 69% of our readers, 80 people to be exact, commute to work on a bicycle. How about that? Whether its the luxury of living close enough to your job to be able to bike, or the luxury of not being a lazy ass motherfucker to work your muscles in the AM, you bike-to-workers making it happen. 4 of you ride your moto to your job - we admire that too. Walking to your job is A-OK as well, 7% of you are lucky enough for that. 17% of yall either are too cool for school/poll, you're a trust fund baby, either still live with your mama and she cooks you all your meals or you're broke as a joke. Even if you sell some trees here and there, fall back style, its still a job, so don't trip. We here at C2D give a big round of thumbs up to everyone who participates in our polls, and to everyone who loves to bike to work. Me personally? Every single day I bike to work, even in the rain (as long as its above 25F).
Good job everyone!

Good Job!

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Donde Estero said...

I guess we dont have too many out of town viewers that have to drive