My Dream

Some dreams are unrealistic impossibilities, others are totally feasible. Nürburgring Nordschleif is one of those down to earth dream I'm going to make happen very very soon. 3-4 laps, that's all I ask for and that's what I will get. 13 miles and dozens of turns of ridiculousness. Bring any car/van/truck/moto you can afford to rent. It's €22 a lap at Nordschleif. Me? I will go for the 4 laps ticket for €75. Just gotta make sure to keep all the receipts for the C2D accounting department. Reimburse me, boom. My dream. Check out this clip below of someone doing the whole shabang on a $1000 budget.


gatito said...

for $2k, you can prob rent an M3

Curtis Chorizali said...

to be honest, i wouldn't want to drive an M3 there.
having never driven on a real racetrack, let alone something as vicious as nurburgring, i wouldn't want to start out in something like a M3.

but a Evo with all assists on would be neat :)