"Bar fights in general tend to be about really stupid stuff, and this appears to be the most stupid"

At first glance of this picture, I assumed Khia was putting together a super girl group. Unfortunately that is not the case, because that would be HANDS DOWN AWESOME!! No, the story goes, some girl not in the picture above was singin karaoke in Spanish and it was "very annoying." So annoying in fact that they had to issue a critical beatdown. Now, if I had mentioned Florida native Trina instead of Khia, I could have made a good joke about one of them being the baddest bitch, but since Khia only made one song that people know of, I'll use it later on.

Even better, it was the first time the girl singing ever did karaoke. That is whats up Connecticut, ya'll don't fuck around. Taking American Idol to the next level. Kinda like American Idol Fight Club. Kudos for keepin it real. But, I can't talk, cause I am the most annoying karaoke dude on the planet. Every RnB song has to be belted out in true crusty punk screams complete with smashing bottles and blood letting (sorry about the arm curtis). I killed "I'm In Love With A Stripper" one time, and some other Yung Joc type shit. Those were the days, classic hip hop. And it normally involves shit tons of booze and sneakin in 40s cuz these K-Town spots aint cheap. But I lose focus here, let me bring it in.

The shy singer came out of this with some bruises and chipped teeth from getting stomped (now she sings spanish songs with a lisp, I'd to think what they will do to her next time). "I was covering my face on the floor, crying, feeling all the punching and kicking," Alcantara said. "I felt the pain all over my body." .....but mostly in... My Neck....My Back

Check the article here if you don't believe me. I'm curious what really happened tho. Sounds a bit suspect.

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