Flu Season Poll Results

No big surprise here. Our viewers are mack daddies and mack mammas. it just sucks that ya'll gotta cut back on that french kissing of strangers. 47% of ya'll are gonna take that loss. thats too bad, cuz french kissing strangers, especially ones without herpes and lip fungus, is AWESOME! obviously we do not condone kissing of swine, bird, green monkeys, or other animals that has human transferable diseases. did you see that movie Outbreak, i think that was the one with the monkey. when is the monkey flu gonna hit? or the lizard flu? that one would probably have the best graphics for marketing. maybe cow flu? remember when that cop was caught having sex with that cow? this was a few weeks ago, pennsylvania or something. seems like the interspecies sex news articles are on the rise. just wait til cow-aids or horse-aids comes around. the society backlash will be amazingly entertaining.

um, so yea, the majority of ya'll think this flu season is overhyped, and thats cool, cause when your dead i'll come through to loot your house in APril and french kiss your dead girlfriends. i just hope i dont get the zombie flu, but maybe that is the key to the vaccine???

Its all hype - nothing different (57%)
less beer, more liquor (21%)
Vaccine (10%)
Pills, pills, pills (21%)
Wheatgrass and carrot juice (15%)
Emergencee and vitamins (21%)
Stockpiling food and water (10%)
Stockpiling food, water, guns, ammo (21%)
Doors and windows are sealed, see you in April (5%)
Less French kissing of strangers (47%)

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