Some Crunchy Vids (Hint Hint, I Got A Soft Spot For Three 6)

How they do it in miami

And in the hawaii?

Alright, so this is off topic, and doesn't fit this site, but it reminds me of good times in the late 90's

Em - Delirious
Uploaded by wackness. - .

and if you stuck around after that last one, here....is a treat

more D reppin

And when all is done and you need the equipment to put out a hit.....

more funny

even more funny, but was the hangover really deserving of this?

really, we should feel blessed when we get this much good shit at once, sorry for all the shit here, but really.....hotness

nice, but joe...its time to cut yer beard, it just doesnt fit you


Anonymous said...

Wow, every single one of those videos/songs sucked the giant moose cock of wackness.

Poor hip-hop. Poor, poor hip-hop.

donde said...

Really? Every single one? I would say 50% are trash, but who else is bringin now better than elzhi? The little brother crew has some talent too. Killer mike? True its not NYC hip hop, but for southern shit he does pretty good. I think my favorite portion of this whole set is slim thug clippin coupons. Boom

Anonymous said...

i agree with 1st comment, most of this was a bit weak. But the Pulp Fiction track was ill.

Anonymous said...

call me Rex Pelican..

Really? You like ANY of this?