Beer Poll Results

Everyone is a winner, so the next round is on that guy over there. I dont so much like to run scams at bars, but i will toss a 22 down my pants if you are a rude bodega cashier. 3.50 for a becks deuce? U outta your mind? This one is on me, or better yet, in my pants cooling me off.

On a serious note, this poll left out a major variable here. Season. Depending on what season it is, i drink different beers. If its cold, i like a heartier beer. A stout, an IPA, something with a bite. Summer time? A pilsner, a lighter ale, a lager. Maybe thats just me.

Also, we left out a huge college/high schooler demographic by leaving off malt liquor. I know that was a staple to my youth, accatone you were a 40 connoisseur. As long as it wasnt king cobra or night flight, that shit was in my hand and belly. Sorry i turned my back on you Landa Calrissian, i guess it doesnt work everytime. Old E? Maybe if i wanna start a fire, a fight or go to jail. I guess we included this with "whatever is cheap" cuz thats usually how you end up drinkin Magnum or mickeys or whatever. That and Rapper Endorsements (St Ides had that shit on lock!! You can hear Rza's verse in a original purple tape skit, it wasnt all west coast pushin that shit).

So, back to the results:

Ale 12 (54%)
Pilsner 5 (22%)
Stout 2 (9%)
Light 3 (13%)
Lager 13 (59%)
Porter 3 (13%)
Lambic 4 (18%)
Weizenbier 2 (9%)
WhateverCheap! 5 (22%)
BlingExpensive! 3 (13%)
I Hate Beer 1 (4%)

Lager barely squeaked ahead on this one!

Also, free round of beer on us!!!!! Seriously! First Thursday in November at hugs!! We got you son!


Anonymous said...

i'll be there to collect my beer

contakt said...

You guys also left iPhone off of this poll...