ride october

If you haven't ventured out on a bike yet this month, you better do it soon.
the boondocks are looking good this fall. A large pump playground and dialed jump trails, plus some epic fall colors, makes dealing with LI traffic worthwhile.
I will return very soon.


Curtis Chorizali said...

supah sweet pics. i shoulda went with yall after cunny!

Gatito Terristo said...

ye, you missed out.

Modnar Banzai said...

I must join youz all. My Huevos need enlargement, and this looks like the kind of place to make or break said Huevos!

Please help tEh BanzAi to not fail, and make sure you ring him when t'ings a gwan!

Stoked said...

awesome. pretty much captured fall in those clips. tks