The Most Entertaining Entertainment

The numbers don't lie (usually). There are nearly 7 billion people in the world, we surveyed 28 - which is pretty close to half of one millionth of a percent. Hard work, but someone had to do it.

What did we gather you ask? Something we already knew - riding bikes is BY FAR the MOST entertaining thing to do on a weekend.
Thanks Captain, you say. But wait, there is more! Chilling and relaxing was a close second, followed by video games and hobby time. What does this all mean? Its pretty straight forward, really. If you want to have yourself some fun this coming weekend - hop on the bike then play some videogames. Dont bother with sexytime - most people would rather grill some food or watch a movie. But is it a coincidence that sexy time and road trip both got 6 votes? Does this imply that people are getting road head or get it on at a hotel? Pulling over and getting freaky in the back seat? Or are we talking pocket pool here? Punching the dolphin? Slapping the clown?

Look, our job here at C2D is to bring you the facts, to give you the tools. We cut up the wings for you, diss the little retarded part, but YOU'll be the one heating up the oil, deep frying the fuckers, meanwhile getting some butter/Franks/vinegar going, mixing the whole thing up, then eating it. If we're the Nobel Prize, you'll have to be Obama. We'll put the food in your mouth, but we ain't chewing it for you - that's disgusting.

ride bikes 21 (75%)
house party 4 (14%)
grill some food 7 (25%)
clubs and bars 3 (10%)
watch some movies 8 (28%)
videogame time 9 (32%)
work some more 4 (14%)
family time3 (10%)
sexy time 6 (21%)
road trip 6 (21%)
sleep 4 (14%)
chill and relax 10 (35%)
do nothing 5 (17%)
hobby time 9 (32%)

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