Introducing, the Ghost Faced Banzai (My peoples where you at...)

New to the scene, crispy and clean, full of cliche for the replay, it's TeH BANZAi!

Yes, fresh and freaky on the C2D scene for your information, amusement, and to be the object of your greatest derision - Modnar L. Banzai has arrived.

Stay tuned for rants, raves, and the occasional thoughtful post. I will also be riding street tonight in Washington Heights where all my fans and followers can join for a jib or just an autograph and some beers.

And remember:
Take care, brush your hair!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Banzai!

contakt said...

Cover moar Juggalos or GTFO


Anonymous said...


Modnar Banzai said...

Nice kitteh wants to eat your soul!

Curtis Chorizali said...

Modnar, not to rain on your parade, but when you get into the office, please empty the trash and change the toner on the fax machine. Also, your FIT intern supervisor called and said there is paperwork I must sign in order for you to get credit for this internship.