Nice House Shoes Mix

I know, I know. Our readers have spoken and evidently no one likes Elhzi, Phat Kat, Royce, Little Brother any of that shit cause it "sucked the giant moose cock of wackness." So ya'll might not like this. Move along. Enjoy that new Jay Z or whatever else you consider is not "poor hip-hop. poor, poor hip-hop." (not that that jay z is bad, i just don't know what ya'll really consider good good hip hop, maybe rappers turned rockstars or some shit? maybe you only like black sheep choice is yours on repeat, or the scenario rmx. duuuuuuuude, can you play that dj shadow? or... can you play something good (that one is my favorite)).

Download the mix here
Just be warned, you will horrible horrible hip hop from sean price, oh no, black milk, royce, ghostface, shawn jackson, fashawn, etc....

giant moose cock of wackness?? really? kids these days... maybe for free iphone blowjobs


Anonymous said...

You really want to put those cats in the same sentence as the previous?

The only thing they have in common is that someone calls it 'rap'

The wackness of the prior post is most evident, no need to get fussy - all the artists and tracks sucked giant moose cock as stated.

This kid bought a 33 of Apache in 1978 and has been listenin since..

Three Six mafia? really? I hope they die in a fire!

Anonymous said...

I will say that this noo Rae shit is bananaz!

Jay? Good pop, but nothing to write home about.

Anonymous said...

maaaan, i just wanna kno. if the train goes off the tracks are you gonna pick it up pick it up pick it up???

Accatone Becchino said...

what the fuck is going on here? i didn't see the comments from the previous post until now...i only watched the first few vids because my old ass computer pretty much "sucks the moose cock" (or whatever the kids say these days...)and it would take me hours to view them all.

but Elzhi? seriously? were you being sarcastic? moose-cock?

i think i mite be seriously inclined to literally fuck someone in the face for saying shit like that.

i mean, the fucking Horrorcore posts didn't inspire as much hatred?!?!!? (maybe no one actually watched it).

oh well, i guess anonymous hatin on the web is where its at these days....

Anonymous said...

scientifical poseur pseudo fake intellectuah bullshit

the best verses in any of those videos are mediocre - the rest are straight weak.

Its a shame what passes for raw these days.

Anonymous said...

and the horrorcore is pure joke, no need to address that level of pure fecal matter.

Gatito Terristo said...


Curtis Chorizali said...

there was some good stuff in there, dont hate all of it.

go back and listen to at least that pulp fiction track. DO IT. its hot. redic beat and clean flow.

Anonymous said...

damn, you bought apache in 78? you must be tall as hell. do you buy pants at a special store or make them out of table cloths and shit?

Donde Estero said...


Anonymous said...

"go back and listen to at least that pulp fiction track. DO IT. its hot. redic beat and clean flow."

I will heed your advice and re-listen; I tried so hard to go back and check em, but my ears were bleeding. Maybe with some focus...it might not suck Moose Nards - we'll see.

donde said...

thing is this, there are 3 "hip hop" tracks on that post. the rest were either humorous or on some southern tip that gets a different kind of scrutiny/appreciation from me. 2 of em were skits from tv shows!!!

some i just like for their visuals.

the elzhi vid, agreed not his best, but i was just happy to see dude in a video period.

Blue Scholars are alright, decent, worth a shot for new age shit.

UNI, they have some quality stuff out there too, so i was happy they could put together a solid vid.

but you see the shit we post up here, odd that this would get so much attention. but hey, at least its attention!!!

Anonymous said...


I have a deficit of that...

Can we see the new Vanilla Ice/Emcee Hammer collabo stuff?

Thats on tha BAAAAAAAAWM!

donde said...

You mean, thats on the Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawnnnnnn

Anonymous said...

I made a doody -
it came out of my booty -
looked a bit like Hootie, without the blow fish
so ish
seems like a growin wish
to wipe my as with tish - yoo
without an issue
y'all fish dudes....

Anonymous said...

call me a doody dropper
turnstile hopper
dutch wrapper coppa
dizzy off top non stoppa
a docta who heals wit a word
or so im told
in a cold world stories are sold as they unfold
dont call me old
call me serious
been droppin hits since i brushed past the clitoris

Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee hee hee!

Anonymous said...

A gram of green, and a split dutch for it to sit between, this is the scene...