I want a commuter bike

this is the kind of bicycle i would like for a commuter. seems like it can go fast AND be hopped around a bit. set it up singlespeed so i can coast and relax. nice slack fork for some barspins. mmmmm.


Roman Candles said...

Flopped photo or LHD with reversed decals for optimum style points?

F - A - L -E

Curtis Chorizali said...

i read that this was a real deal LHD fixed gear. boom.

Anonymous said...

spot weld the cog, throw on some LHD cranks and VOILA!

Hipsteriffic! Now where do I pick up my knickers and Timbuk2 bag?

Anonymous said...

oh stop that hipster bullshit. its a neat bike any way u slice it.
i would rock it coaster style.

if anything, this specific setup is hardcore bmx street hiphop wut wut style inspired - not hipster fixie.

Anonymous said...

Hipster is as hipster does; Im full of hate!

Cache on that Profile cranks, BMX stem and riser bars on that new school fix!

WHEN I WAS A BOY, we made fixes out of old shite roadie frames w/ no vert dropouts, chopped drop bars int bullhorns, and rocked double straps.

And beyond riding backwards, we let the skaters and 20"ers do the tricks because we knew it was a doofus manoever to try them on a fix.

Yeah, they got some skills out there; theres also people that can balance 30 spinning plates on pencils off their bodies.

Modnar Banzai said...

I know a guy that can lick peanut butter off his own nose!

I wish he was a girl, and shorter, and not hairy, and other stuff, so that I could find this massive skill a use, but I digress.

Im pretty hip, but I dont own a fixie!

Accatone Becchino said...

so many anonymous....

diff people or multiple personality disorder?

Anonymous said...

Fixie Trixters = Plate Spinners


contakt said...

That Fuji looks nice!

Those pedal/basket/things look weird to me. I would be scared to ride that fixed and not have it holding in my whole foot.

Yes, I do ride a fixed, and no I am not a hipster, I don't live in Wburg, I have never worn a v-neck t-shirt, I don't have mustache.

Also, no, I didn't fix some old crap bike and I don't do crazy skids in traffic or any of that.

Curtis Chorizali said...

hey! there is nothing wrong with v-neck tshirts!