Best Campsite Ever

so, other than some wickid juggalo overtones (see below), i just returned from a wonderful visit to the Granite Mountain Wilderness in Prescott, AZ.
now, don't let that "wilderness" part mislead you...this was straight up Civilized aka "Car-Camping," which i generally look down on, but i make an exception for this site.

all the pics here are taken from within the campsite. the first nite i was there, there were NO OTHER CAMPERS other than the campsite host, at the extreme opposite of the campgrounds. the second nite someone was in the next site over, but i still had about 75 yards of personal space, plus the beautiful rocky environs of my paid site. for a casual boulderer like myself, a site like this is heaven. also, the drunker i get throughout the night, the harder it is to navigate the labryinthine corridors of this beautiful rockpile next to the tent.

also, the best camping buddies ever

it was cold-as-fuck (aka 36 overnight low both nights) but some extra Goodwill blankets and some fine IPAs made the 2nd nite much more tolerable. highly recommended....come visit me and i'll subject you to such horrors free of charge* (*Free being equal to you paying for the campsite and buying all beer...)

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