AIBLPM October 09

Todays AIBLPM was at an alarming 1.66. Combine that with a brakeless wonder, and its trouble. Why do I have no brakes on my bike? Pads and cable needed a replacement, so I.... I don't know. Cuz it's cool? It does make a few things more fun. But, it has also murdered a sweet pair of shoes already, in about 2 weeks! And it makes it hard to cruise super fast. Stoppers, back on.

I'm having a bit of an issue with the bike, the god damn splined Tree sprocket seems to be STUCK on to my profile Ti spindle, I can't get it off!! Euro bb. Do I just smash the thing off with a hammer? Anyone got advice?


Stoked said...

crank tool. mount that guy on the drive side and blast the spindle through (friendly of course).

i've heard of people putting parts in the freezer to help the process but i never had to resort to such science.

Curtis Chorizali said...

yep, i have that tool. i screwed it on tight, and slammed it with rubber hammer, should i use a real one and blast it?

i'm confused, since euro cups are threaded in, smashing the spindle out with a hammer wont damage anything, will it?

i think my ti spindle might be bent...

Curtis Chorizali said...

lil brute force w a big ass hammer, and she's off.